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4 Best Clean Energy Companies Of 2022

New York Daily Mail

A Large number of investors are interested in helping to build sustainable companies for the benefit of humanity. Along with business, governments of numerous countries are financing research and advocating for the utilization of clean energy instead of fossil fuels.

In the recent period, there has been a huge demand for electric vehicles, solar, wind power, and services through the use of renewable resources. These products are reducing the financial pressure on individuals and at the same time assisting to minimize carbon emissions from the planet and accomplish the net zero mission. 

Clean energy is one of the essential aspects for the better future of humanity. That is why it’s important to focus on companies that are on a mission to produce power without having any negative environmental impacts.

The New York Daily Mail team did independent research on over 30 global innovative clean energy companies and here are our top 4 picks for you. These companies are on a mission to reduce their carbon footprint and invest to bring a bright future.



Bluesource is the largest carbon credit developer in North America. The company has recently merged with Elements Markets to make a more positive impact on the environment. With the new team force, the company will be employing more than 150 people. 

The company develops high-quality environmental products in over 100 locations, across Canada and the United States. 

Major Projects

  • Biogas project planning
  • Capital investment
  • Carbon offset project development
  • Environmental advisory
  • Forest carbon development
  • Oil and Gas Methane reduction
  • Regenerative agriculture
Solxay Group Corp

Solaxy Group Corp

Solaxy group corp is one of the American leading clean energy companies. Because of exceptional case studies & projects that are making a lasting impact on sustainability and climate protection, many investors are attracted to Solaxy. The company is also the lead developer in net-zero carbon projects.

Unlike other energy companies that focus on a few projects, Solaxy has a highly diversified portfolio. From renewable energy to sustainable development, the corp has a completely innovative and scientific solution. 

Major Projects

  • Renewable energy
  • Carbon investment
  • Carbon credit
  • Climate investment
  • Carbon Exchange
  • Carbon offset project
  • Environmental plastic solution
South Pole

South Pole

South Pole was started by 5 Swiss entrepreneurs in 2006 after the success of their non-profit “Myclimate”. Starting from Switzerland, now the company operates in Africa, Asia Pacific, South America, North America, and Europe. South Pole has worked with global companies like ALDO Group, Gucci, Nestle, and Hilton. The company invests in and develops campaigns to protect diversity, reduce carbon emissions, and to make a positive impact in local communities for a long period.

With various partnerships and technology, the company was able to remove 170 million tonnes of CO2 within 13 years of establishment. 

Major Projects

  • Renewable energy
  • Waste to energy
  • Plastic solution
  • Geospatial solution
  • Carbon credit
  • Carbon removal solution


Terrapass works together with individuals and businesses to maximize the environmental impact. Within a year of establishment, the company had more than 2,400 members. To maximize the result Terrapass joined hands with Just Energy Group Inc and provided resources so that individuals and businesses can better the environment through daily activities. 

The company has released Terrapass Coin (TPSC).  It’s a digital asset ERC-20 token that works on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Projects for individuals & families

  • Flight carbon offset
  • EcoTourist Bundle
  • Green wedding carbon offset
  • Personal BEF WRCs

Major Projects

  • Farm Project
  • Landfill gas capture
  • Clean energy from wind power
  • Abandoned coal mine methane capture


There are many other companies that are conscious of the environment and maintain the standards to meet UN guidelines. To accomplish the net zero mission, individuals around the world must use renewable energy sources so that impact can be magnified and the people can have clean water & fresh air to breathe.

Recently the UN has launched the Energy Compact Action Network to accelerate clean energy access for millions globally. The world is making progress and there is still the need for more investment, research, and participation from every country & citizens. 

To bring the change, you need to be the change. Share the words to bring the new transformation.