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A Voice from prison-Why the look behind the bars of America’s prisons is so important

A Voice from prison-Why the look behind the bars of America's prisons is so important

A Voice From Prison is a nonprofit organization that advocates for criminal justice reform and constitutional rights, particularly the right to adequate representation in the courtroom. If you’re facing criminal charges, your day-to-day life can be significantly affected. Criminal defense attorneys play an essential role in protecting your rights and ensuring a fair trial—but not all attorneys are acting equal. 

A Voice From Prison believes that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their conviction, race, gender, or sexual orientation. They believe in a society where citizens are educated about the criminal justice system and involved in advocacy efforts for change.

One out of every 100 adults in the United States is currently behind bars, and almost half are racial minorities – a rate five times greater than that of white Americans. The U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world and spends more money on prisons than it does on higher education, for $50 billion per year at the federal level alone.

We cannot hope to solve the system by continuing to perpetuate it. The system is not working. It is not keeping us safe. It is not making us any freer. We need to change the system. 

There are many ways to approach this problem, but one way is to start with the Constitution. The Constitution was designed to protect our rights, but it has been subverted and used against us. We need to take back our Constitution and use it as a tool to fix the system.

Prisons in America are overcrowded, understaffed, and plagued with violence. Inmates are often forced to live in conditions that are unhealthy and brutal. This can lead to mental health problems, which can further contribute to the cycle of violence.

There is also a lack of resources available to prisoners, which makes it difficult for them to get an education or find a job after they are released. 

A Voice From Prison shares the stories of men and women whose lives have been impacted by the criminal justice system and advocates for reforms that give voice to inmates and their families so that they can better understand the system and prepare themselves and their loved ones to succeed in life during and after the prison.

They have created a forum for prisoners to share their stories and advocate for changes in the criminal justice system. A Voice from prison also educates the public about the realities of life behind bars and the need for reform.

Check out A Voice From Prison official website and get connected with them to learn more about their mission and vision. If you are passionate about bringing change in our society and community, A Voice From Prison provides numerous volunteer opportunities to make a real impact.