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An African Star – Tasty Gallos

An African Star – Tasty Gallos

A South African based National Fast-Food Franchise received international recognition from US actor and celebrity Anthony Anderson.

Anderson known for his star role in ABC’s black-ish and Fox sitcom The Bernie Mac Show , released a video congratulating Tasty Gallos on their excellent work in South Africa and made special mention to Muhammed Gutta the CEO of Tasty Gallos telling him to “keep going my friend”.

Gutta was chuffed about this public release of Anderson and tells the media that it is an honour to be recognised for their franchise , Tasty Gallos , as well as their corporate social responsibility through the Gallo Care Campaign .

“It’s an absolute honour to be recognised by Anthony Anderson for the work that we do, we strongly believe in building a better Africa for everyone. we can’t wait to invite him to South Africa to have a meal at one of our Tasty Gallos stores.” 

Tasty Gallos is a national chicken Fast-Food franchise in South Africa that does not only serve customers tasty food but also believes in attempting to play a significant role in making changes to benefit the youth and people of South Africa says CEO Muhammed Gutta

“We believe in giving back to our community and our people wherever we can , we work with old-age homes and orphanages in and around Gauteng through the Tasty Gallos powered Gallo Care initiative , we are also determined to empower our South African people by offering potential employment opportunities at our stores.”

South Africa has a 34.5% unemployment rate says StatsSA. Tasty Gallos with stores nationwide make it easy for their individuals in their communities to apply for potential job opportunities online via the “Submit your CV” submission form. It is companies like Tasty Gallos that take steps towards making a difference.

“Its all about what we leave for our future generations” says Gutta

Tasty Gallos , is the lowest cost effective franchise in South Africa. They have most of their stores based in Johannesburg , Gauteng.