Why Your Mood Is The Key To Success In Your Business

New York Daily Mail

New York Daily Mail

Have you ever watched the people on Monday morning on the way to their job? 

Well, if you didn’t, you should go and have a look!

For those who know what I am talking about, it´s their angry, disappointed sleepy face that the majority shows. You don’t see many people having a big smile and happiness. Most people try to get through Monday and through the rest of the week, as fast as possible, without much trouble. They are waiting for the weekend, where they can enjoy their free time, sometimes complaining about their hard work life. 

But let´s be honest! We spend a lot of time at work, probably the most time. Monday to Friday, 7 PM-5 PM…. That’s a lot of sadness and anger and apathy. Are we humans meant to be in this mode most of our lifetime? 

I think not!

Did you ever realize that having a fun day runs so fast? We actually don’t realize how fast time goes. On the other side, when we are angry, sad, disappointed, or carelessness the time stops for hours and hours.

Having a negative mood has so much influence on our body and mind. When you are happy and motivated, your physics is strong, you feel healthy and your brain tells you that everything is possible. 

That is the mood that can bring us where we always dream of. Having a positive mind, we are more efficient, strong, resilient, and capable of achieving our goals. 

All those aspects are important for a regular person, to enhance their life standard and mindset.