Elon Musk and the Future of Tesla: Disrupting the Auto Industry

Elon Musk and the Future of Tesla: Disrupting the Auto Industry

Elon Musk and the Future of Tesla: Disrupting the Auto Industry

How much do you know about Elon Musk? He’s no ordinary entrepreneur, and Tesla Motors is no ordinary company. He created this company out of his desire to see a world where everyone could be free from fossil fuels, but he’s not just out to sell automobiles to people who like the idea of going green. He wants to make an impact on the world in other ways too, as he explained in an interview with Global News Canada: If we can’t have renewable energy production that can scale to meet the total demand of humanity, then really there’s no point in having civilization.

My Thoughts on Elon Musk

Elon Musk is an inspiration to millions around the world. He has created companies which are changing people’s lives in a positive way. That is why I chose him as my subject for a case study, his successes have shown us that if you create your own path in life, success will follow. It doesn’t matter what other people say you can achieve your dreams if you put your mind to it!

How Tesla Is Changing the World

The world has never seen a company like Tesla. It is literally changing how we think about transportation by introducing electric cars to America. These cars aren’t just cleaner alternatives to their gas-guzzling counterparts, they’re cool, fun, super fast and beyond innovative. But it’s not just what Elon Musk is doing with his company that is inspiring; it’s how he runs it as well.

The Problem with Gasoline Cars

According to a study by AAA, American drivers spent an average of $2,849 on gas in 2016. That’s more than they spent on food or entertainment.

Fixing these Issues with Electric Cars

Making sure drivers have access to a charging station wherever they go is essential. Tesla has been working on rolling out superchargers around cities, but while they’re a great option for long distance travel, it’s still inconvenient that you can’t charge your car up at home or work. Right now, if you own an electric car, you need to live somewhere with an outlet in your garage—and even then it takes hours to fully charge.

What Needs to Happen Next?

Elon Musk is looking to do to automotive what Apple did for personal computing. To achieve his goal, he will have to change a lot about how cars are built, distributed, and even sold. Here’s a breakdown of everything that needs to happen next for Musk’s vision to come true. If you own an existing car dealership or repair shop, it might be time for you to start learning about electric vehicles (EVs) now.

Closing Thoughts

Starting a business isn’t an easy endeavor. In fact, many people believe starting a business is downright impossible. If that doesn’t scare you, though, great! If it does, know that for every startup guru out there who says it can’t be done, there are just as many who say it can. Maybe you have what it takes to join them…or maybe you don’t.