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Introducing Body Transformation & Nutrition Coach, Adrian Ceja

New York Daily Mail

Adrian Ceja is a certified personal trainer & nutrition coach, fitness influencer, and founder of Adrian Ceja Coaching LLC, The Neighborhood Trainer and creator of the Ceja Method. Through his one-on-one and online coaching programs, Adrian has transformed countless lives. When it comes to physical and mental wellbeing, Adrian is a true icon and inspiration.

Throughout his early life, Adrian faced many challenges. From growing up in a single-parent home, battling weight problems, and the death of his beloved grandmother to diabetes. Further, Adrian developed a stuttering impediment, which was the result of a car crash.

Adrian’s numerous obstacles did not stop him from losing hope. Eventually, he was able to turn his whole life around. He learned how to successfully manage and treat his speech impediment. After trying everything, Adrian realized that the best way to overcome it was when he spoke about what he is passionate about health and fitness. “I realized around that time that when I spoke about health and fitness, it felt as if the stutter was behind me. It felt as if there was no fear of sharing anything.”

“I want to speak up for those who don’t have a voice.”Adrian Ceja

Adrian Ceja

After graduating from Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California, Adrian obtained his certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Sports Sciences Association. Adrian went on to practice fitness training and private coaching for the next 10 years.

Following a decade of transforming people’s lives, Adrian decided to focus on a more specific type of client. Being aware of the health problems that many professionals face, Adrian recently geared towards helping business professionals. “I help busy professionals take back their health and live their best life through a simple, sustainable and realistic approach to health and fitness.”

Adrian has succeeded in transforming countless people through his one-of-a-kind fitness programs. Unlike other trainers, he applies existing studies and his own scientific research in his training programs. Adrian is currently working on a 10-week workout program that includes a meal plan set to be released this fall. In this program, Adrian shares his expertise and extensive knowledge using scientifically proven methods.

Adrian currently serves as a Ministry Coordinator at The Rock Church in Anaheim, California, where he plans, coordinates, and executes a health and fitness program called Operation Healthy Lives.

Defying all the odds and facing his worst fears, Adrian has turned his life around and helped everyone who crosses his path to do the same. His mission is to empower people to live better lives by improving their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

“You have the capacity to live your best life backed by good health.”

To learn more about how to attain the body of your dreams follow Adrian on Instagram.